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Product Description


Renew-Crete® Stamped Overlay allows you to transform existing old or damaged concrete surfaces into the beautiful aesthetic appeal of stone, tile, brick, slate, marble, or even wood. Renew-Crete® Stamped Overlay imprints patterns, textures and color on old concrete surface. Renew-Crete® Stamped Overlay adds a layer of beautiful pattern and texture to existing concrete surface without the need to demolish and reconstruct the entire surface structure. It is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications, due to the improved impact resistance, surface strength and stain resistance.


This system offers the best of both world – the durability and strength of concrete and the beauty and appeal of natural stone, slate, or marble. Renew-Crete® Stamped Overlay offers as wide a variety of patterns and textures as the Stamped Concrete. With Renew-Crete® Stamped Overlay, you can create what you imagine!




  • Transform existing old or damaged concrete surfaces into the beautiful aesthetic appeal of stone, tile, brick, slate, marble, or even wood.


  • Avoid the need to break off existing surface.


  • Reduce noise and air pollution.


  • Reduce waste from broken concrete wastes.


  • Thin overlay can easily tie in with surrounding existing levels.


  • Homogeneous colour throughout the overlay thickness.


  • Easily controlled area of application – spread as you print.


  • No reliance on concrete supply


  • Cost effective solution to property renovation and upgrading projects.




Installation Method


Renew-Crete® Stamped Overlay is installed by adding a thin overlay on the existing surface. To ensure good bonding, the existing surface must be well prepared before the overlay is applied. In most cases, the surface is first roughened using grinders and washed with high-pressure water jets. Cleaning agents such as detergent, bleach, degreaser, detergent, or chemical stripping agents are used to thoroughly clean the surface where required.


After the surface is thoroughly washed, the Renew-Crete® Bond Coat, a special cementitious bonding layer, is applied. This is followed by the application of Renew-Crete® Stamp Mix, on which the stamping will be done to create the desired patterns and textures. Control and expansion joints are cut after the concrete overlay has hardened. Color effects are created by applying Renew-Crete® Color Wash antique solution onto the patterned surface. Finally, the new surface is sealed using Renew-Crete® Sealer to protect the surface from daily wear and tear besides giving it a glossy finish.


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