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Product Description


Renew-Crete® Stamped Concrete is a decorative concrete system designed to color and imprint patterns on freshly poured concrete to create a realistic look of stone, tile, brick, slate, or marble. As the patterns are imprinted while the concrete is fresh, this system is suitable for new concrete.


Renew-Crete® Stamped Concrete is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications, due to the improved impact resistance, surface strength and stain resistance. This system offers the best of both world – the durability and strength of concrete and the beauty and appeal of natural stone, slate, or marble.


Renew-Crete® Stamped Concrete offers a wide variety of patterns and textures. If you prefer a cozy swimming pool sanctuary, you can surround the pool deck with Royal Ashlar pattern in matching cooling tones. On the other hand, if your object is to give a vibrant welcome to your visitors, you may like bright and lively colors to go with your driveway. With Renew-Crete®, the possibilities are limitless!





  • Create the realistic appeal of stone, tile, brick, slate, or marble at a fraction of the cost.


  • Wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from.


  • No additional thickness to the concrete surface.


  • Increased hardness, durability and abrasion resistance of the concrete surface.



Installation Method


Renew-Crete® Stamped Concrete is installed on freshly poured concrete. After fresh concrete is poured, the proprietary Renew-Crete® dry-shake color hardener is applied onto the wet concrete surface. The color hardener conditions the surface for imprinting and also increases the strength and durability of the concrete besides providing a base color for the design.


The concrete is then stamped using Renew-Crete® stamping tools to create the desired patterns and textures. After the concrete surface has dried, control and expansion joints are cut to prevent pre-mature cracking. Additional color tones can be added to give a more realistic appeal. Finally, the new surface is sealed using Renew-Crete® Sealer to protect the surface from daily wear and tear besides giving it a glossy finish.


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