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Product Description


Renew-Crete® Spray Coat is a special high workability cementitious coating that is sprayed onto the surface to create highly textured finishes.


Allows you to transform boring concrete surfaces into colored surfaces using a wide range of patterns and textures. This system has very high skid resistance property and is very suitable for carparks, pool decks and pedestrian walkways.




  • Fast application with minimum hassle.


  • Can be applied on old concrete, granolithic or tile surfaces.


  • Avoid the need to break off existing surface.


  • Superior skid resistance.


  • Reduce noise and air pollution.


  • Reduce waste from broken concrete wastes.


  • Adds only 1-2 mm thickness to the surface.


  • No reliance on concrete supply




Installation Method


Renew-Crete® Spray Coat is installed as a thin layer of 2-3mm of co-polymer modified resurfacing compound by means of spraying. As in any good concrete resurfacing work, the existing surface is first washed and cleaned with high-pressure water jets to ensure good bonding. Any cracks, if any, must be repaired at this time to ensure it does not propagate to the new surface.


A base coat is then applied to give a base color to a patterned spray coat design. If patterns are required, stencils of the desired pattern are laid on the surface before spraying with Renew-Crete® Spray Coat material. If patterns are not required, the Spray Coat material can be sprayed directly on the old surface without the stencils. After the material is dried, it is scraped and the residues are blown off using an air blower. The surface is then sealed using Renew-Crete® Sealer to protect the surface from daily wear and tear.


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