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Product Description


Re-sealing is the process of renewing the sealer coat on decorative concrete surfaces. Daily wear and tear and weather effects on the decorative concrete surface will cause the layer of sealer to become thinner over time. After a couple of years, this protective layer will totally disappear thus exposing the decorative concrete surface to the harshness of daily traffic and weather conditions. If left unattended, the exposed decorative concrete surface will start to deteriorate, and its color and texture will start to fade.


Renew-Crete® Re-Sealer helps to rejuvenate this layer of protective sealer to ensure maximum protection for your decorative concrete surface. In addition, the re-sealing process allows the color of the decorative concrete to be changed. This means that if you don’t like the color of your original concrete, you now have the option of making a complete changeover!


Re-sealing not only saves your repair cost, but also ensures that your concrete continues to look as good as new, throughout the year. We generally recommend re-sealing to be done once a year for best protection. Like cars, scheduled servicing and maintenance is a much more cost effective option than repairing when it breaks down!





  • Ensures maximum protection for your decorative concrete surface from daily wear and tear.

  • Fast and hassle-free application.

  • Low-cost alternative to total repair.

  • Refresh the look of your concrete by changing its color.

  • Gives your concrete a new, shining and glossy look, all year round!



Installation Method


Re-sealing is a simple two-step process. First, wash the existing decorative concrete surface. Then, apply Renew-Crete® Re-Sealer and you are done!


If you wish to change the color of the concrete, the existing surface must first be thoroughly washed with acid solutions to remove any residual sealer. A layer of Renew-Crete® Roll Coat is applied over the existing surface. The roll coat is a thin layer of colored coating that retains the pattern and texture of the existing concrete. Color tones are then applied using Renew-Crete® Color Wash antiquing solution. The finished surface is finally sealed using Renew-Crete® Sealer.



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